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May 1,2012

A problem I have come across before is when I want to include an image within a transactional email, using:

{{skin url="path/here/"}}

The problem being that by default, the transactional emails will look in the skin folder for the admin area in the base package. However if your storing images in the frontend skin folder for your package/theme, you need to be able to provide this CMS syntax additional information. You can specify the area, package and theme you wish to refer to. See the code snippet below:

{{skin url="path/here" _area="[frontend | adminhtml]" _package="[package name]" _theme="[theme name]"}}
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  • Thursday
    Apr 26,2012

    I have often found the need to be able to display the name or other details about the category I am currently in. A product can obviously be included in more than one category, so figuring out which category you are currently inside would be useful. In the core catalog code in Magento, everytime you visit a category page a method is fired, setCurrentCategory(). This sets an entry in the magento registry with the current category object attached.

    Here is the code snippet to get the current category in magento

    <?php $currentCategory = Mage::registry('current_category'); ?>
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